Land of the Fee

The United States of America, the great experiment in an autonomous society built upon the idea that individuals have certain inalienable rights, has failed. All of the systems we depend on are broken and likely broken beyond repair including, but not limited to, our medical system, our voting system and our judicial system. The entire system has been rotted to the core. I cannot focus on a single event to find blame but find it in a myriad of events that form a progression culminating in complete destruction of the very notions upon which this nation was formed. It all began before I was born but 1953 is where it all began for me.

I can remember wired telephone service. You might get a private number in the city but you had party lines in the rural areas and smaller towns. You would pick up the phone to make a call and someone would already be using the line. There was a real lack of security there but the telegraph was the first electronic inter-network and that was closely followed by the telephone. I used to have to travel to a law library and pour through the books but now we have context sensitive search engines and databases where public and private records can be searched electronically and information can be easily obtained. Thus, the cat is out of the bag so to speak.

I also remember the war movies in black and white before we had color T.V.’s. Seig Heil and Heil Hitler were slogans that exemplified the Nazi’s but the most frightening words you could here were “Your Papers Please?” The command to produce your identification papers could get you shot on the spot or sent to the work camp prisons if you didn’t have everything in perfect order. To get your papers you had to be in “compliance”… sound familiar?

I didn’t seem to need any “papers” until my mother tried to enroll me in a foreign school (California) in 1969. They wanted proof of birth, a certificate. WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH VITAL STATISTICS refused to issue one without filling in the blanks with an affidavit. So, in order to go to public school, I got my “papers”. By then I was already having difficulty resolving the confusion generated by obvious contradictions between the state sponsored public education ritual of learning a slogan derived narrative that lead to beliefs that were somehow inconsistent with “non-curriculum” experience in the outer, non-scholastic world. The first of which was listening to parental arguments over income tax and this thing called the IRS that could just take everything you had and throw you in jail if you made a mistake or lied when you were required to tell them everything. It took me a long time to figure this one out but in the end, you do it to yourself. The good news is that you can undo it to yourself and its not painful. Learn to read what you sign.

The most difficult part of developing a knowledge base is the discovery that the more you learn the more you come to realize how little you really know. As part of my official public education I also had a period where church was a part of my early programing. Ultimately I concluded that the one thing these two areas of experience had in common was that they are both belief systems. However, I am not hosting this site for a dissertation of the complexities of legal and ethical experience nor to judge, compare or contrast the variety of theological ideologies that exist among the human species. I am hosting this site in order to make large digital items, such as video exhibits, available for easy download access and to provide access to certain pleadings. I may do more but for now, it’s just a holding site.

Rights vs Privileges

If you cannot do something without permission, or a permissions dependency, its not a right but a privilege. How do you get to and from your place of employment or bring groceries home from the store without license or third party permissions dependency? The Orwellian state is demanding proof of injection with experimental gene therapies, advertised as “Covid Vaccines“, before you can go anywhere or do anything, “Your Papers Please?“. Where did they get that power if you didn’t give it to them and what are they actually pushing?

This brings me to the reason I am hosting this staging area. It is an episode I will call THE BUS STOPS HERE. This one is for everyone who has ever had to deal with a “traffic ticket”. Under the ambit of this topic we get to see the tension between the police power of the state and the rights of the individual with a focus on more pragmatically accurate descriptive terms. For those unlearned in the history of vehicle codes and to what activities the code actually applies, more information on this topic can be found at

Plutarch became the Father of Empirical Science when he said “get the names right“. Such is the importance of definitions and distinctions that I will parrot Plutarch as we make those distinctions more definite and certain and we have to begin with nature and cause because there are many forms of law and each is distinctly different even if the differences are subtle. The Bus stops here raises these questions and we all get to see how our legal system works as I will post that case as it develops.

Topics I will return to address may include Corporation’s vs Republican Government; The Devaluation of Currency, the IRS and the Fictional Reserve System; Rights vs Privileges, Due Process, Equal protection, the right to remain silent and to be secure, right to the assistance of counsel and jury trial vs the Bar Association Aristocracy and the fact that using the law is no longer in vogue in America’s court rooms.

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